Italy (Sicily)

Italy (Sicily) - PRIMAVERA Farm Stories

The Salamita Cooperative has practiced organic, biodynamic (Demeter) cultivation since 1972 and has worked with PRIMAVERA since 1987. The cooperative was started by four brothers – Francesco, Nunciato, Domenico and Eugenio Salamita – and now includes over 100 members.

Salamita is an important member of the Demeter movement in Sicily and its cooperative nature offers many advantages to its small organic farmers, including professional consulting, mutual harvesting support, collective purchasing of seeds and other materials, as well as collaborative marketing efforts.

Sicily is home to a mild climate, rich volcanic soil, extensive hours of sunlight and a long tradition of growing premium quality citrus. It is an ideal place to grow lemons and other citrus fruits that PRIMAVERA uses. Happy-smelling citrus oils are obtained by cold pressing the peels of fresh fruits.

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