Our Processes

Every action that goes into making PRIMAVERA products is taken with consideration for the Earth and humanity. Our knowledge and methods ensure that our formulas are produced with the utmost respect for the life force of plants and guarantee that we are leaving a light footprint on the planet while enriching the lives of the people we work with.

Seed Selection

The quality of PRIMAVERA formulas ultimately depends on the quality of seeds that are selected to grow the plants that provide our raw ingredients. Our plants are grown from the best botanical species and sub-species and the healthiest seeds.


PRIMAVERA relies on a worldwide community of farmers who understand the principles of environmentally responsible cultivation. Our farm partners often come from families and communities that have been passing down knowledge and techniques for generations, giving them an exceptional understanding of the specific plants, climate and soil they work with.


PRIMAVERA plants are all harvested according to their distinctive requirements and growing conditions. This means that different plants are harvested in different ways. Roses, for example, are hand picked at dawn because that is when their fragrance is strongest, while lavender needs to be harvested at mid-day because its essential oils are most abundant under the high sun.

Distillation & Extraction

In order to successfully retrieve the purest plant ingredients possible, PRIMAVERA uses plant-specific distillation methods for our precious essential oils, gentle cold pressing for seed oils and base oils, and custom, in-house extraction processes for our organic plant extracts.


Proper storage of plant ingredients is essential to preserving the benefits and life force of each plant. PRIMAVERA stores all ingredients in airtight containers, and light protection and temperature controls are imposed when necessary.

Quality Control

Quality control during our processes is of utmost importance at PRIMAVERA. For more information, please see the Our Standards section of this manual.

In-House Formulation & Production

PRIMAVERA personally hand-blends all of our formulas. We view blending as an art in itself and take pride in doing it in ways that preserve the living energy, and skin and sensory benefits, of our plant ingredients.

In-House Filling

PRIMAVERA oversees the bottling of our products in-house. This allows us to minimize oxygen exposure, which can compromise freshness. Our special filling protocol means that only the freshest possible formulas reach our customers.