Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

At the core of every PRIMAVERA product is a synergistic blend of organic plant ingredients that we personally select from our community of farm partners to guarantee uncompromising quality. Relying on time-tested plant therapy principles and our knowledge of how different plant ingredients work together, we hand-blend our essential oils, seed oils, base oils and plant extracts into carefully considered formulas. The results are effective, natural products with therapeutic benefits for your skin and senses.

Essential Oils

For 5,000 years, essential oils have been used for holistic healing because of their verified physical and emotional benefits. Essential oils are the heart of every PRIMAVERA product, and they are the foundation of our company.

Seed Oils

Seed oils are what make our skincare so special. Seeds contain the essence of plant life, and our gentle method of cold pressing preserves their high levels of poly-unsaturated fatty acids and other vital nutrients that nourish skin.

Base Oils

Base oils are used in all of our lotions, balms, and bath, body and face oils. They are rich in vitamins, lecithin and unsaturated fatty acids, and closely resemble the lipid structure of human skin, which makes them easy for the skin to absorb without leaving an oily residue.

Plant Extracts

Plant extracts deliver concentrated active components with unique benefits for treating specific skin concerns. All of our plant extracts are unaltered, made with only the cleanest spring water from the German Alps, organic wheat-derived alcohol or pure base oils.