Conscientious Packaging

Conscientious Packaging

PRIMAVERA uses thoughtful design to help preserve the Earth’s resources. We are constantly working to make good choices that are both beautiful and efficient.


  • SHAPE – We designed a custom bottle shape with gently squared shoulders and a slightly elongated body. The new shape balances soft and strong qualities, and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate our range of products. 
  • GLASS – We use recyclable glass bottles and jars because glass can be recycled repeatedly with minimal loss of purity or quality.
  • PROTECTIVE COATING – The dark green and brown colored glass, along with an environmentally friendly protective UV coating, help keep our formulas shelf-stable, reducing the need for secondary packaging.


The PRIMAVERA logo is based on a 2000-year-old fresco from Pompeii. The goddess embodies our name, which means Spring. She evokes the season of new life and the sheer beauty of nature. Today, our logo and the goddess it depicts have come to represent pure quality.

No Carton

In our continuing effort to do good for the Earth, we’ve made a promise to reduce our packaging, which means eliminating inserts and outer cartons wherever possible. For products that do need an outer carton, we’ve opted to use paper made from sustainable and recycled sources printed with chemical-free printing plates and Eco-Colors dye.


Our label uses a color bar and text system to quickly distinguish product line, key ingredients and product name. The label also appears in two languages, German and English, which reflects our German heritage and allows us to share our products with more people internationally.

Seals of Quality

PRIMAVERA proudly displays the NaTrue label, indicating our achievement of advanced international standards for natural and organic personal care. The rabbit with the protective hand illustration indicates exceptionally strict rules against animal testing within the cosmetics industry..