Sleep Well

Sleep well

Periods of relaxation during the day and a good sound sleep at night are important elements for health and wellbeing. While we sleep the body enters a phase of regeneration. For deep, restorative sleep remember to avoid caffeine in the evening, heavy food for dinner and bad air in your room.

It is very often it is due to worries, sorrows, tensions in our job or at home, that we have problems to relax and having a good sleep.

Natural essential oils can enhance relaxation. They are a “hotline“ to our feelings – because they directly influence the Limbic system in our brain – and can thus help us to slow down, relax, lessen the feeling of stress.

Product Tips

Happy Feet – Happy Sleep

Lavender Balm

Very relaxing in the evening – a foot massage with lavender. Use the Sleep Therapy balm, massage the soles of your feet gently, put on cotton socks, and relax.

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L´heure bleue

Lavender Pillow Mist

(The blue afternoon hours)

Dreaming of lying in a lavender field in Provence and relaxing deeply? This dream can come true at home: Put 2-8 drops of Sleep Therapy Blend into your diffuser and breath in the comforting relaxation.

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