Through a wide range of seminars, travel and conferences, the PRIMAVERA Academy allows us to share our knowledge of healing plant therapy with participants skilled in relevant fields such as beauty, health and holistic well-being.


The PRIMAVERA Academy is an internationally approved seminar house that provides training to more than 5,000 professionals each year, under the guidance of PRIMAVERA’s seminar team. We offer a wide variety of topics and guide participants through a series of seminars on the holistic benefits of healing plants.
For PRIMAVERA Academy participants who wish to formalize their studies, PRIMAVERA offers Aroma Expert Certifications in Beauty, Health & Wellness and Home. Certification is awarded after curriculum requirements – including specific seminars, travel experiences and a written project – for a given certificate are completed. Today, 250 professionals have achieved Aroma Expert Certification.

Plant Journeys

One of the most unique aspects of the PRIMAVERA Academy is the opportunity participants have to travel with us to visit our worldwide community of farm partners. During these Plant Journeys, as we call them, participants help in everyday farm operations, gaining valuable hands-on experience and a genuine connection to the processes of organic cultivation and distillation, and the people who practice them.


The PRIMAVERA Academy regularly hosts 1-2 day conferences throughout Germany. At each conference, up to 500 guests attend lectures given by a panel of recognized experts. Conferences also include special entertainment segments and the opportunity to network with people of related interests.

Our Farm Partnerships

125 ingredients. 18 farms. 23 years.
You can say we’re committed to our farm partners. Our fair trade growers are as important to us now as they were 23 years ago when we shook our first partner’s hand.

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